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About Us

My name is Esther and I am an A.C.E. certified Personal trainer, a YogaFit certified yoga instructor as well as a core and functional training instructor.


I love being active, and have made it very much a part of my life. I spend most of my time running and doing yoga. I have completed many races from 5k to a marathon and I am always training for the next race. When I am not running, you can find me lifting weights, doing yoga, or pretty much any other activity that might fit into my schedule.


I never thought I would own a gym this early in life, and hope that it will be a success not only for me, but for this community. Exercise is so very important for our health. I hope to make it known how beneficial it really is, and strike a desire in others to start living a life to its fullest potential.

Come in and you may meet myself, my husband Bradley, or employee Paula. We look forward to meeting you!

Form Fit LLC opened it's doors on June 29, 2009 and has continued to grow and serve in Belfair, WA.